08 May 2016


Over the years I have lived in 9 U.S. states, and visited or traveled through 37 more. This should be an easy test of your 6th grade geography classes ~ looking at the map, can you deduce the names of the 4 states missing from my travel map?

This map does not include the small number of foreign nations I've spent time in. They include ~

  • Canada (Alberta)
  • Mexico (Sonora)
  • Philippines
  • South Vietnam
  • Japan
So much of the world yet to discover ~ so little time remaining in which to do so.

15 February 2016

Hi everyone,

Yes, it has been nearly two years since I was last active here.  Parkinson's and other complications have sidetracked me, but I am resuming posting ~ both here and at my own domain, http://www.predatorhaven.com/ .  Look for me there for a different slant on the world from the one you've found here.  

And THANK YOU for all your visits!  You make my day.