18 March 2009


(click on the image to enlarge) this would be hilarious if it weren't so true, and so creepy. bottom line: if you are able to (or have the nerve to) make any of these statements as a refutation of your own racism, you have such a long way to go in understanding how insidious and pervasive prejudice really is. i've been doing this stuff for decades, and i'm still learning.

oh, here's a valuable link (satirical for liberals, literal instruction for conservatives?) to a set of remarks often employed for suppressing discussions on racism. also discussions on sexism, birth control, stem cell research, or just about any other controversial topic. the point is, none of these remarks contains logic or substance. rather, they are manipulative tools, often so distorted or subtle that their irrelevance isn't noticed in time. i can't tell you how often i've heard such diversions from conservatives, and some liberals as well. some day there will be a thoughtful, mutually respectful, substantive dialogue on race, and i shall fall over from shock.

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