28 December 2008


yesterday my son called, and during our conversation he mentioned having read my Veterans Day piece. he was blown away, in that he didn't know i'd experienced such things. i've never intentionally not told him, so it was my turn to be surprised. it seems we have some catching up to do.

just now i went back and re-read that entry. whew. it puts my current worries over being jobless in a new light. things could be much, much worse.

and also much, much better. it feels important to keep both realities in mind in the days ahead. thank you, Ian, for your sensitivity and support. no one could ask for a finer son. i'm so very proud of you.


  1. Wow. Very sweet. I don't have children, I've never been jobless in my adult years and I have absolutely no military experience, but this is quite moving anyway. I can empathize, but can't really put my finger on how exactly.

  2. Thank you for your kind response, Geronimo. I feel privileged that you're taking the time to read through these older posts ~ I haven't looked at them myself since I wrote them. They seem so brief. I think I was still finding my voice. :)

  3. It's nice to be able to read back through things you've written in the past sometimes. I do that with emails from time to time, of the ones I've been able to keep; especially those long conversations with long-distance friends. As far as these being brief, that's okay, as the shorter ones are all I can sit still for at times. Like I've said before, you have a wide range to choose from to suit whatever mood I'm in at the moment. I still have much to read through. I just don't seem to take spare time for myself much these days. Have a pleasant weekend.