17 October 2009


no, this will not be a rant on the human excesses that have led to global warming, species extinctions, habitat destruction, or other insults to the planet perpetrated by us bipedal, opposable-thumbed, large-brained, myopic humans. these are all measurable effects, and for this writer, not in dispute.

but there do remain those who contest the degree, the cause, even the existence of global warming as a critical issue. every paradigm shift in human history, be it in the arts, the sciences, religion, or any other activity, has generated controversy, sometimes heated, sometimes violent or repressive. good science requires that we examine the validity of all hypotheses, weighing each fairly, and then making up our own minds. toward that end, prompted by a recent exchange with someone whose intellect i respect, i have provided the three links above, so that you can, at your leisure, read and consider both data and interpretations, and arrive at your own conclusions (hopefully tentative ones, since all positions are subject to revision as new facts become available).

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