17 January 2010


I first saw one of these tiny, tiny marvels a few years ago, and did a double take. My first thought was, "that's so ugly, it's cute." Followed by, "it's so small, an occupant must be at high risk in a collision."

Turns out that the Smart Car is, according to the website, eminently safe. "Built by Mercedes-Benz. Roomier than it looks. Estimated 41 mpg highway. Four airbags and a tridion safety cell with tubular reinforcements. 95% recyclable." If you browse through the available models, you'll find hardtops, convertibles, and even an electric drive version. The suggested retail price is surprisingly low. Check out this Wikipedia article for more details on performance and safety.

True, not much storage room. But for a commuter vehicle in town, or a road trip for two, what a lark. Besides, it just looks like major fun to drive, especially if you enjoy being the center of attention.

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