17 July 2010


Oddities online. There are several versions of a partially-true story circulating, one involving a young woman being pulled over by the flashing lights of an unmarked police car in a remote, unlighted area -- a ruse used by some robbers and rapists. What to do? Click the link for the full story, and for the true and untrue aspects of the viral message.

Jim Meskinen has it goin' on. You look at the totally corny image in his video and you think, what the? But once he opens his mouth to sing, it is a revelation. His basso profundo voice will shiver your timbers -- especially if you close your eyes.

Aging gracefully, a la Francaise. French women are famous (infamous?) for their natural beauty, whether young or older. The article reveals how diet and skin care lie at the heart of the charm of the French.

In an earlier post I described the Tea Party's racist propaganda aimed at President Obama. Tobin Harshaw explores the issue in more depth, asking penetrating questions about our attitudes and assumptions around race, and providing thoughtful analysis. Well worth reading.

Finally, a droll play on words from the ever-entertaining xkcd webcomic.

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