21 September 2010


From brilliant behavioral therapist, essayist and blogger Andrea Kuszewski -- "The very traits that make someone creative, passionate, and likely to achieve a high degree of success in their domain, are the same traits that define psychological disorders such as Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, and ADHD. So what is the difference between creativity and psychopathology? Where do we draw the line between functional excess of extreme traits and the point at which they define a psychological disorder? Is there a discriminating trait that separates these two groups? The answer is .... "

I invite you to read her article to learn more about the fascinating commections, and how they function (or malfunction). She goes on to explore the essential truth of creativity, creativity across different domains, and why we need psychopathology if we want geniuses. The comments thread is almost as stimulating as the article itself.

As an entertaining aside, here is singer Joni Mitchell's musical take on creativity and mental health. Joni's prodigious talent has inspired awe in audiences and fellow musicians alike.

SCORE !! Now this is the man we elected to be President. In a discussion on the economy, President Obama responds to two questions from a wealthy hedge fund manager -- clearly, calmly and placing the issues in perspective. If our public and political discourse were conducted with more mutual respect and restraint, and less mindless ranting and raw emotion, the problems we face could be solved quickly and very nearly painlessly. ALL politicians and ALL political extremists, please take note.

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