11 October 2010


CSEM. A recent article in the UK's Daily Mail describes and illustrates the astonishing possibilities for exploring the world of the very, very small using a scanning electronic microscope to produce images called color scanning electron micrographs (CSEM). These ultra-magnified images have been around for years in monochrome -- color images are a new development. Above is a photo of human eyelash hairs (magnified 50 times). Below is a photo of a fold of fringe tissue, part of a human Fallopian tube. Gorgeous.

FASTEST BIRDS. From the BBC, a very cool video showing Peregrin Falcons and Gyrfalcons in dizzying flight, using both ground cameras and tiny cameras mounted on the birds' backs. Peregrins are the world's fastest creatures in flight, able to attain diving speeds of up to 250 miles per hour. Check here for more images.

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