16 March 2011


JAPAN'S TRAGEDY. Like most of us, I've been following developments in Japan since the March 11 9.0 earthquake and tsunami just offshore. The toll in human lives, misery and destruction of property is beyond comprehension.

In recent days that toll has been overshadowed in the media by the damage to four nuclear reactors, with the increasing potential for a core meltdown, the release of radioactivity into the atmosphere, or both. The irony is not lost on the Japanese people, who alone among all the nations on Earth, were the targets of the only two atomic bombs used in wartime in the history of humankind (to date).

The news changes hourly. Here is a partial listing of links to explanations for what has happened thus far. Pick and choose among those you find most relevant or informative.

Australian Radiation Services disclaimer concerning a worst-cast-scenario map attributed to them (see my entry for 13 March)

The devastation to so many Japanese lives cannot be overstated. Radiation exposure, displacement, loss of power and water, loss of homes, loss of life. If you would like to help with the humanitarian effort, please consider an immediate donation to one of the following aid groups:

LAW OF GRAVITY. Finally, to add to the atmosphere of surreality, a brief report on the ignorant, anti-science members of our own dear Congress, whose members deny the existence of climate change, and conceivably could undertake to repeal the law of gravity. Hey, stranger things have happened.

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