22 May 2011


For those of you who missed it, Rapture 2011 was postponed because of rain .... or a shortage of the requisite number of earthquakes .... or a yawning lack of interest. But not since GWBush has a person or event provided so much material for late night (and early morning) humor. Witness The Rapture: Funniest Tweets and Photos. Facebook has been simmering with links to other spoofs -- as in Evolution to Occur Thursday (first published in 1996 -- talk about scooping the competition). One can only shake one's head in wonder at the retarded evolution of some of our co-humans. Did that sound harsh? Aw, so sorry. Well, not really.

Since it seems to be a day for whimsy, I would be remiss to omit this story -- Man Admits to Having Sex with 1000 Cars. What a romantic, though the ensuing paternity suits are cause to shudder.

On a more serious (giggle) note, check out Sex, Sleep, and the Law: When Nocturnal Genitals Pose a Problem. This is a legit article in Scientific American, but I have to wonder how it is humanly possible for a straight man to sleep through being raped by a bisexual man. Those zany Frenchmen.

Finally, with thanks to my friend Bill in Chicago, here is a link to Boston Logan Airport As Seen in Time Lapse Video, one hour and ten minutes of airliner takeoffs and landings condensed into just under 3 minutes. Turn your sound up just a little. Even reminding myself that the actual activity happens more slowly, I'm amazed at the speed and precision of this aeronautical choreography .... and truly in awe of the skills and talent among the air traffic controllers who make it all happen. (Boston's Logan ATC tower is shown below)


  1. Cool Content. Made my morning better, lol.

  2. Thanks, Travis -- it always gives me a lift when someone leaves a comment. :)