28 March 2012


I began this blog on 13 February 2008.  A year later, on this day in 2009, I began tracking visitors using an extremely versatile service called sitemeter, whose logo appears at the very bottom of this webpage.  The website provides a variety of statistical analyses, including (but not limited to) ~

  • number of visits during the ;last hour, the current day, the past week, the past month, and the past 12 months
  • which pages (blog posts) were visited during those time frames
  • a ranking of the most frequently-visited pages
  • visitor information by domain name, referring URL, and location
  • a world map showing the visual location of the current or most recent 10, 20, 50, or 100 visitors
  • a tool which predicts traffic over the next hour, day, week, or month, based on site traffic during the previous respective time periods.
On 15 July 2009 I added another wonderful tool which you can view in the right-side column, showing visitors by country.  Each country is represented by its flag, a two-letter designator, and the number of cumulative visitors.

At this moment I can state that since PREDATORHAVEN's inception, I've published 1,236 posts.  Since adding sitemeter, I've received 182,516 visitors.  Since adding visitors by country, I've recorded 200 source nations.  And counting.

Naturally, these figures are modest compared to those of blogs with many thousands of followers.  Still, I'm proud of my forum.  I like its visual simplicity, the abundance of arresting images, and the variety of content.  I hope that it has provided as much pleasure and thought to readers as it has to me.  Comments are always welcome, and always published ~ the only exception being those rare comments which are verbally abusive or profane.  The premises are patrolled, and trolls will be eaten.

Here's something fun ~ I just did a Google image search using 'predatorhaven', and was rewarded with many pages of images I've included in my daily posts, along with a few I lay no claim to.  For a sense of the topical and visual variety which appeals to me, take a peek here.  Final note ~ the image above (click to enlarge) is an actual milestone near Bangor, Wales.


  1. I'm a fan and I appreciate the "visual simplicity, the abundance of arresting images, and the variety of content." It seems I can find any post to suit my particular mood at any given time. The titles of the posts are the first impressions and I haven't been disappointed yet. I have much to catch up on.

  2. Geronimo, your remarks please me deeply. You pick up on the visual style and the topic content which also appeal to me. Thank you. :)