29 April 2012


Today's post is pure entertainment ~ President Barack Obama's address to the annual White House Correspondents' dinner.  Traditionally the gathering has featured entertainment, including a comedian whose remarks roast the president.  Obama needed no assistance ~ he poked fun at himself, as well as at his Republican opponents.  He also delivered a few serious moments, remembering journalists who had died in the past year while gathering news around the world.  As Obama correctly pointed out, an essential role of journalism lies in informing the people about how well or poorly their government is doing.  The fourth estate ideally helps to keep government transparent, and in doing so becomes a tacit member of the balance of power in Washington.

While I disagree with some of the decisions Obama has made, particularly with regard to war and to conservation, I admire his intellect, his moral compass, and his articulate style.  He can be as focused as a laser when the situation warrants it, or he can flash that Barack grin and charm even those who disagree with him.  Being willing to laugh at oneself ought to be a prerequisite for holding any high office.

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