18 July 2012


I've always admired swimmers, gymnasts, and dancers ~ athletes whose craft demands a trim, supple, pleasing physique.  I never had the opportunity to develop as a gymnast, but in college I did become a fairly proficient swimmer (and later a lifeguard).  Later in life I turned to dance, and took adult classes in modern dance, jazz dance, and group improv.  It was a ton of fun, and a huge challenge to translate visually-demonstrated choreography to muscle memory.  That transition often didn't come easily, especially in long, complex series of movements.  

It's been years since I partnered up and took to the dance floor.  I miss it, but I also know I'm so rusty that I'd probably embarrass myself.  Still, one of my life's ambitions (probably never to be realized, but we all need to dream) is to learn to tango.

Just for fun, today I'd like to share an entirely different kind of dance ~ Choreography for Plastic Army Men.  The music pulses with salsa and jazz influences, and those macho little dudes are pretty hilarious as they release their inner Bob Fosse.  Enjoy.

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