27 November 2012


Apparently variants of these have been around for a few years, but I only became aware of them about a month ago when a Google+ friend hosted a Purity Party hang-out ~ in G+ hang-outs, as many at 10 people can take part in a simultaneous video chat ~ sort of like a virtual BYOB party.

The schema was to have fun going through a chosen purity test, with participants sharing aloud their responses to questions ranging from "Have you ever held hands" to "Have you ever smoked crack cocaine" to "Have you ever been part of an orgy".  I'd purchased a webcam for the gathering, but the G+ plug-in software wasn't installing properly, so I missed all the fun.  Sigh.  I heard later that the hilarity went on for hours.

The word on the net was that we would be taking this 1500 Question Purity Test.  I did so beforehand to familiarize myself with the range of questions, and was surprised that my final score didn't indicate less purity and more depravity.  Quelle horreur !  That version took about an hour to complete.

As it turned out, the group actually took this 500 Question Purity Test.  Less scandalous detail, but more time to spend talking and laughing about each question within the group.  If you take it by yourself (and who wouldn't?), I recommend the longer version, for a more thorough and detailed understanding of just how pure or perverted you really are.

Meanwhile I have to get the interface between G+ and my webcam resolved.  Have fun.

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