16 May 2013


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"Do you feel like your sex drive just isn't what it used to be?  You aren't alone ~ many people feel that way at some point in their lives.  In some cases, a decrease in libido may be due to a medical issue.  For many people, however, the situation may be remedied without resorting to dangerous medications or other harmful supplements.  These foods are natural, safe, and effective libido boosters.

1.  Oysters ~ Oysters have long been suspected as a love drug.  Cleopatra and Casanova had one thing in common, they loved oysters.  Legend has it that Casanova ate dozens of oysters per day.  The Venetian romancer once seduced a vestal virgin by seductively sliding an oyster from his mouth to hers.  If that doesn't get you in the mood, I don't know what will.  In fact, current research proves our suspicion.  Oysters improve dopamine levels, which boosts libido in men and women.  Oysters are also high in zinc, which is vital for testosterone production and healthy sperm.

2.  Watermelon ~ Some experts have called watermelon the new Viagra.  Bhimu Patil, researcher and director of the Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center at Texas A&M University, stated that eating watermelon delivers Viagra-like effects on blood vessels throughout the body, and may increase libido.  This cool refreshing fruit contains the amino acid citrulline, which is good for the cardiovascular system and helps relax the blood vessels that increase sex drive.  If you want to get in the mood, make a watermelon sorbet and share it with your partner.

3.  Chocolate ~ All chocolate comes from the cacao bean.  In its processd form it is known as cocoa.  The Aztecs referred to cacao as nourishment of the gods.  Modern foodies know raw cacao in its pure unadulterated form as a superfood.  It has more antioxidants than green tea or red wine.  It also contains a stimulating chemical known as phenethylamine, which stimulates the sense of excitement and well-being.  The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study that found that women who enjoyed a piece of chocolate every day had a more active sex life than those who didn't.

4.  Asparagus ~ Known for its suggestive shape, asparagus is high in a B vitamin known as folate that aids in increasing the production of histamine.  Histamine is important for a healthy sex drive in men and women.  The most delicious asparagus is just picked.  Grow your own or buy it fresh and organic at your local farmers market.

5.  Avacado ~ A recent report stated that organic Sicilian avacados are taking Europe by storm.  Apparently the Europeans can't get enough of them.  The ancient Aztecs' term for avacad was "ahuacatl", or testicle because of the fruit's shapely form.  Catholic Spanish priests found avacados so sexy that they forbade them to their parishioners.

6.  Maca ~ Maca is known by many as Peru's natural Viagra.  Apparently this natural root has been known throughout Peru's history as a sex-enhancing root passed down by the Incas.  According to Discovery Health's medicine hunter Chris Kilam, the maca plant is used by the Peruvian culture to increase strength, stamina, energy, fertility and libido.

7.  Pumpkin seeds ~ Like oysters, pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, which is essential for healthy sperm production and preventing testosterone deficiency in men.  The seeds are also loaded with libido vitamins and minerals like vitamins B, E, C, D, K and minerals including calcium, potassium, niacin and phosphorus.  The next time Halloween comes around, now you now what to do with those left-over pumpkin seeds.  Roast those babies.

8.  Chili peppers ~ The stuff that makes chilis (see image above) taste hot, capsaicin, can actually rev up your libido.  Have you ever noticed a natural high when eating chilis?  Capsaicin promotes the release of chemicals that can raise your heart rate and trigger the release of endorphins that give you a natural high, which pumps your libido.

9.  Figs ~ Legend has it that figs were one of Cleopatra's favorite foods.  According to Dr. Nalini Chilkov, figs have been prized as a sensual food for their resemblance to the female sex organs.  The ancient Greeks valued figs as more precious than gold, and man cultures associated figs with fertility.

10.  Garlic ~ Eating raw garlic may make your partner turn the other way in bed, but it can certainly stir up your sexual desire.  The heat in garlic is what stirs up your libido.  Garlic contains allicin, which is thought to increase blood flow to sexual organs.  This trick doesn't work overnight, however.  Apparently you need to consume it for about a month to reap its rewards.  If you can't stand raw garlic, go for the capsules found at your local natural food market.

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