19 July 2013


What follows is by no means a comprehensive treatment, but rather is advice which appeared in two different sources in the past two days.  Click on each header for a link to more detailed explanations of listed items.

From The Huffington Post, 9 Things You Need To Do When Your Email Is Hacked

  1. Change your password.
  2. Recapture your account.
  3. Report the incident to the email site.
  4. Speak to your peeps.
  5. Scan your computer with an updated virus program.
  6. Review your personal email settings.
  7. Change passwords or security questions for other sites.
  8. Check your email folders.
  9. Monitor !
From The New York Times, Digital Tools To Curb Snooping
  1. Protect your password ~ Keep strong, safe, multiple passwords.  Use a password manager.  Use two-step authentication.
  2. Trick the trackers ~ Use tracker blocking tools.  Use a rerouting service.  Set up an encrypted virtual private network (VPN).  Change to a search engine which does not compile your search history data.
  3. Trust the Cloud ~ With the best providers, customers' files are encrypted, and users' plain text passwords are not transmitted to the provider.
  4. Keep conversations private ~ Use encrypted email.
  5. Remember the basics ~ Keep security software updated.
The Internet is a fun and informative place, the world's library.  It can also bite you like a fine for an overdue book.  Stay safe, stay current.

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