09 March 2014


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The last time I posted an entry of any substance was late last summer -- nine months ago.  A deleterious health issue reared its ugly head, and I've been finding my path through the physical and emotional challenges that come with a diagnosis which places an unexpected limit on the years I have remaining.  I'll reveal more in a future entry.

For now, I want to say 'thank you' to those of my friends and family who have stuck by me, and to those readers who keep returning to this forum.  I've missed the daily act of choosing a topic, researching it, writing a summary or opinion, proofreading, rewriting, selecting illustrations, and finally publishing the result.  Rigor, creativity, satisfaction.

I already have a list of topics to introduce, not least of which is an important new book on one ranch hand's experience with cattle and wolves.  As happens in many controversial debates, people tend to fall into polarized absolutes in the stances they adopt.  I fall into this trap at times, though much of what I put out there is actually intended to provoke thought, discussion, or an expanded understanding.  The world is rarely a simple, black-or-white place.

I was fortunate to spend an hour talking with the book's author, earlier today.  He is eloquent, well-informed, and understands nuance and the longer view.  More to come.

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