23 August 2009


i just finished reading Killing Che, by chuck pfarrer. though a novel, the book has the ring of authenticity to it, presenting a very plausible fictionalized account of the death of communist guerrilla leader che guevara. after helping to establish fidel castro's revolutionary government in cuba, che was forsaken by castro, and sent to lead guerrilla movements in the congo and later in bolivia, where he was hunted down and assassinated with the active participation of the CIA.

the author is a former u.s. navy seal and counter-terrorism consultant. his writing is crisp, informed and genuine in its portrayal of spy craft and warfare, yet this is much more than an action novel. there are no stereotypical good guys or bad guys. rather, the story is populated by complex human beings who must face terrible moral choices, and live (or die) with the consequences. in the book's tone and authenticity, i am reminded of don winslow's The Power of the Dog, set in the international war on drugs. both are powerfully, vividly written and well worth reading, for their command of language and their revelation of dark worlds.

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  1. I would agree with this entirely. I have read the book and enjoyed it tremendously. I look forward to more of his writing.