14 August 2009


when i first saw this video, posted by a friend on facebook, my initial reaction was a rush of adrenaline........YEAH. but then after-images began to pile up, and my more rational mind said........UH-OH. lots of fun for the pilots, not so much for anyone being buzzed without warning, or for the pilot whose wingtip or landing gear got just a little bit too close to the surface. any FAA inspector, flight instructor, or senior military aviator would have a heart attack if he/she saw these low-and-fast flights in person. and shortly afterward, the pilots would be grounded permanently.

don't get me wrong -- i would love to be at the controls just once. or twice. but only if i had the years of intensive training that these pilots have, plus a monumental life insurance policy. (check out my blog entry for 17 april 2009 for a link to a saner and more legal demonstration of low-and-fast, during san francisco's fleet week.)

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