05 December 2009


For years, my most trusted sources for news have been NPR and PBS. On the latter, Washington Week on Friday evenings, and the News Hour each weeknight. Washington Week is moderated by Gwen Ifill (photo below). The News Hour is undergoing a format change. It will retain a single moderator, Jim Lehrer, and increase the presence of the program's senior correspondents. The intent is to broaden the program's coverage, both on television and online, while maintaining the journalistic integrity with which PBS has always approached the people and events which shape the news.

That integrity is succinctly summed up in the guidelines to responsible journalism which Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer (photo above) crafted 34 years ago. If all news organizations, particularly those which substitute sensationalism and political agenda for true news coverage, were to follow suit, we would be a better-informed public.

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