03 December 2009


The U.S. has for decades refused to join the rest of the world in adopting the metric system. This has unfortunate consequences not only for those traveling to other countries which use metric units, but also for those who study any of the sciences in college -- where lab and field measurements are commonly made using metric units.

To my knowledge, Burma, Liberia and the U.S. are the only three countries on earth which still cling to the archaic English system of measurement (with a few local exceptions). Thankfully, many charts, graphs, and web sites exist for converting between metric and English units. Here is a site which allows conversions in temperature, weight, length, area and volume. And here is another devoted strictly to temperature conversion. Please note that the latter is one of a suite of NOAA sites covering weather and climate. NOTE: As I type this, it is 6 dF, or minus 14.4 dC outside.

And here, for your edification and possible amusement, is a map showing the metric world (green), and the non-metric world (grey).

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