02 August 2010


"Harry Crumpton, the ex-CIA operative who secretly ran the war against terror in Afghanistan after 9/11, describes using local might to oust al-Qaeda and their Taliban hosts, a strategy he says is needed in Pakistan now, where terrorist leaders are hiding." This is the summary of Lara Logan's interview with Crumpton on CBS' 60 Minutes yesterday. Regular readers know that I advocate peaceful education and empowering local communities, over military force. But if, as Crumpton suggests, terrorist forces are growing in numbers and sophistication, making another catastrophic strike within the US inevitable, then regular readers will also know that I advocate Crumpton's tactic -- using only a few dozen CIA operatives and Special Forces teams to train local (Afghan or Pakistani) forces to fight the Taliban and al-Qaeda themselves. Again, local empowerment is key. It is misguided and counter-productive to go in with tens of thousands of US troops and technology. We are perceived by locals and by the rest of the world as invaders, rather than as catalysts for positive change. The entire thirteen-minute interview is illuminating, and well worth watching.

On a lighter note, in a previous post I described the tornadic phenomenon named Zenyatta, an undefeated thoroughbread mare whose athleticism and endearing personality captivate all who watch her. Here is a brief video of this magnificent animal doing her trademark exuberant pre-race dance during warmup.

And here is another short clip, which never fails to crack me up. Don't honk at old people!!

Finally, Hank Campbell offers a tongue-in-cheek discussion guide to the new biography on the life of Angelina Jolie. Enjoy your day.


  1. Hello,
    To be truly honest it is best to leave the Middle East and just come home. We do not belong there and the people for the most part do not even like us. I always was under the impression that our Government is suppose to take care of its people and protect them at home not abroad.

    Bring every body home and forget about Bin Ladden. He is only one man whom our soldiers have lost their lives for and in return we have killed nearly a half of million of them. Come home now and build a twenty five foot wall on the Mexican border and make it strong and wide enough to accommodate our tanks. Make sure the wall extends completely from the Pacific coast to the Gulf. No more entering into Mexico by vehicles or other means of transportation. You want to go to Mexico, take an airplane or travel by water. The Army and Marines will watch everything in between the wall on dry land and the Navy will watch the Gulf and Pacific ends and the Air Force will watch everything above.

    Our border to Mexico is about 2000 miles and full of trouble and corruption. We need to protect America from the dangerous breeds planting themselves everywhere in our communities waiting for the signal to kill us. I know along with many others including our own Government know this is true. Get that damn wall up now and stop trying to please and appease whom ever and try protecting us Mr. President, the people you had sworn to serve and protect. Be the President that goes down in history as the one whom served the people first and the imbecile elites last in line. Your only chance to do what is noble as the ultimate leader of the Greatest Nation in the Universe is to do what the people want, period!

    It is never to late if you simply do what your Office calls for. To Serve the people of America first and always keep us safe.

  2. Myrick, thank you for your thoughtful comment. We'll have to agree to disagree on a few points. One, I'm with you that the war in Afghanistan is being conducted in a blind and reckless manner. However, bin Laden isn't just one man -- he is the Saudi head of an entire radical movement which has declared jihad on the U.S., and is bankrolling that movement's activities, including the attacks on the U.S. embassies in Africa, as well as the 9/11 attacks on our own soil. So yes, he is an international criminal, and he and al Qaeda must be brought to justice. The question is how. I stand by my contention that the use of Special Forces and Delta Force operatives is far preferable, with far less damage to innocent lives, than the use of masses of conventional forces.

    Second, I can't agree that the isolationism of building a wall along the U.S./Mexico border will solve anything. It's been tried, and it failed. The solution is humanitarian and economic -- to reach out and assist Latin American nations in healing and developing their own economies, so that impoverished workers don't feel the need to enter our country looking for work. Further, the current violence and unrest along the border are not tied to illegal immigrant workers -- they are tied to trafficking in drugs and guns. We consume the drugs, and we sell the guns. Until we address THOSE problems, things will only worsen.

    And you are right, it will take a president of courage and vision to address these issues. The last leader with both these traits was Carter. It remains to be seen whether Obama will rise to the occasion. I hope so. Thanks again for your thoughts.