30 August 2010


In yesterday's post, I referred to the radical right's smear campaign against President Obama. Today, two of my favorite NYTimes columnists take up the theme, from different angles. Economist Paul Krugman takes on the emotionally-charged content of the conservative witch-hunt season, noting that moderate Republicans, who have the most to lost in the polarization of the electorate, are blindingly absent from the debate. No leaders, not even George W. Bush who urged Americans to a more tolerant attitude toward Muslims, has stepped forward to calm the stormy waters. What are they afraid of? The rapier wit of Sarah Palin?

Essayist Frank Rich examines the money trail behind the Tea Party movement. It is a fact that many Tea Party members are on the high side of affluence, with the vast majority being white, male and Republican. Rich reports that, behind the scenes, there are three billionaires bankrolling the Tea Party -- Rupert Murdoch, and brothers David and Charles Koch. How ironic that the rank and file among the Tea Party don't even realize that they are pawns in the broader financial and political power plays of three modern fat cats, whose goals are often at odds with the unsuspecting TPers being financed. Rich's article provides the gory (and richly ironic) details.

ZOOTIES. This is just too delightful not to share. I stumbled across motivational speaker Amanda Gore's video How to Let People Know You Love Them, and despite my initial cynicism, was enchanted. No mystical voodoo, no con job, just simple common-sense advice on lowering one's stress level, and improving relations with those we love. I dare you to try it out.


  1. Who drew the Fat Cat cartoon? Please email with name,

  2. Hi Jimmy,
    I do not know the name of the artist. I found the cartoon on Google images, and there is no reference there to sources. Sorry, and thanks for your interest.