12 June 2011


BULB PROTOTYPE. Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware of the move afoot in the illumination industry to replace the familiar warm glow of incandescent light bulbs with longer-lasting compact fluorescent lamps which also use less energy. Alas, CFLs may be greener and more economical in the long run, but at present they are quite expensive compared to ILBs. Regardless, the soft yellow light of ILBs may soon be unavailable, according to Andrew Rice in the New York Times magazine. In Bulb In, Bulb Out he describes the transition, as well as an even newer generation of bulbs whose prototype "resembles a neon yellow mushroom" (see left image above, click to enlarge). The new model seeks to produce "the soft luminance of the incandescent bulb, while conforming to much higher standards of energy efficiency and durability." Just when I thought I'd simplified my choices to 60W or 75W.

RED MEAT. A vegetarian for over ten years reports that he recently reintroduced red meat into his diet, resulting in "an improved sense of well-being, mental clarity, and energy." Within three months his Body-Mass Index (BMI) went from 17% to 12%, while he gained nearly ten lb. of muscle mass. This individual works out regularly, eats well, and is sold on the value of retaining animal protein in our diets. He honors those who, out of principle, maintain a vegetarian diet, but has come to the realization that being omnivorous is a defining feature of human evolution, for very specific reasons. To learn more, check out So I Started Eating Meat Again .... I would be interested in any comments you choose to post.

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