03 June 2011


Greetings, Earthlings. I'm spending a long weekend in my home town in north central Montana. My visit coincides with the annual local celebration called Whoop-Up Trail Days, which features music, a parade (equestrians, old farm tractors, floats, marching bands), a rodeo, and general good times. Alas, my computer access is limited to the public library's wi-fi network, so this will be my only blog post for several days. Just in case you were wondering. If you were not wondering, shame on you.

I don't enjoy rodeos (cruelty to animals), but it's always nice to get back into the slower rhythms and friendly faces of the prairie. Thankfully both my parents are still alive, an added incentive to visit the town in which I did part of my growing up. Here's an additional link describing the origins of the Whoop-Up Trail, and its eponymous name. And with that, gentle readers, adios por ahora. See you on Sunday, or Monday at the latest. Cheers.

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