24 July 2011


This is one of those potpourri posts with entries ranging from the whimsical to the profound. I invite you to explore, giggle, and wonder ....

Whose Ideal Was This, Anyway? ~ the blog "Cabinet of Wonders" traces the evolution of our visual ideals for both female and male appearance during the 20th century, with images and commentary. This one is a lot of fun ~ buxom to winsome, buff to willowy.

Mobius Cake ~ self-explanatory, if you know what a mobius strip is (see image above). But I can't help wondering whether more than one flavor of cake batter was used, and if so, how they might intertwine inside.

You Suck at Photoshop ~ part tutorial, mostly a scathing video commentary on art and relationships.

How Algorithms Shape Our World ~ a longer, more serious video on, well, how algorithms shape our world. You'll be surprised.

The Beer Can Theory of Creativity ~ actually a scholarly paper on the evolution of culture and creativity. It may be academic, but it is far from dull.

Toyota demos augmented-reality-enhanced car windows ~ I'm not making this up. The concept in essence turns a car window into an interactive, multimedia computer screen, allowing a passenger (hopefully not a driver) to zoom in for a closer view, gauge distances, identify objects and translate them into another language, save a traced image, even identify constellations. Check out the video demonstration. Minority Report, here we come.

Last Kiss ~ an ingenious John Lustig webcomic which inserts modern dialogue into scenes drawn in the style of the 1940s and 1950s. The results are hilarious. You can click on the tiny blue < arrow to the upper right of the comic to view previous installments. New ones appear several times a week. A sample appears below, a sly reference to the much-hyped (and failed) May 2011 End Times Prediction. Have fun !!

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