21 September 2011


Moment 1 ~ Want to know what it feels like to orbit planet Earth? Click on this link to view a time lapse video taken aboard the International Space Station. This took my breath away. Thanks to Andrea Kuszewski for the link.

Moment 2 ~ The concept of infinity is daunting, even for some mathematicians. I mean, there's got to be a single, biggest number, right? No ~ any large number you think of, you can always add 1 to. Or double. Or take times itself. Or, you can just lean back and enjoy Taming Infinity.

Moment 3 ~ Actor Nicole Scherzinger was recently a guest on Conan O'Brian's show, wearing one of those low-cut dresses designed to show off maximum cleavage. During the interview she caught him staring at her endowments, kidded him about it, and the rest .... see for yourself.

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