02 October 2011


This is worth a read for single people of any age, and both genders. In You Can Get Laid Without Being a Jerk, an older sister confronts her college age brother and his friends about sex, alcohol, sex, choice, sex, being cool, informed consent, and .... oh yeah, hooking up. Her language is very frank, without lecturing. She genuinely cares about her brother behaving like (and actually becoming) a considerate and empathic sexual being, and she gives graphic examples of the kinds of behaviors to avoid, from strategies that are violent and criminal, to milder forms of deception and coercion. What's interesting is that the psychological mindsets the writer describes apply not only to casual sex, but also to developing committed relationships. See what you think.

And here, courtesy of my friend Bill, is a link to the world's highest webcam, one that is trained on the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest. Bear in mind that (a) Everest is halfway around the world, and (b) the weather in the Himalayas is notoriously unpredictable. Persist, and you will be rewarded with views which few on the planet have ever seen.

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