01 October 2011


Last night I watched a fine French film called "A Very Long Engagement", starring the ethereal Audrey Tautou. One recurring setting during the story was a magisterial lighthouse on the coast of Brittany, Phare d'Eckmuhl (Point Penmarc'h Light), built in 1897. The exterior of the structure is an imposing pillar 213 feet tall. Ah, but the interior ~ a sublime spiral staircase (see image above, click to enlarge) whose colors shift from ivory to gold to wavering blues, depending on the day's light. It's like standing inside the shell of a chambered Nautilus, whose coils recede into infinity. Here is a collection of photos of the lighthouse.

And here is a computer-generated animation of mathematical exponents. Nearly every form of human expression (art, literature, the sciences), every event or behavior in the natural world, can in some way be expressed mathematically. It is a rare treat to see the process reversed ~ mathematics expressed visually.

Finally, back to earth with a hilarious video commentary by Bill Maher, "Jesus Christ, Republican Candidate". Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

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