22 May 2012


Normally the online reference site Wikipedia is my initial go-to source for information.  However, I've discovered at least one instance in which Wiki's information is off by well over a century.  In the entry on the Mile-High Club, the history paragraph cites the first recorded instance (perhaps apocryphal) of a couple having sex during flight in an aircraft happened in November 1916.  However, an article at the website io9 places the date much earlier ~ in 1784, when the first woman aeronaut boarded a hot air balloon.  One of her two male companions disembarked to lighten the load, the balloon ascended quickly, and onlookers from the ground reported seeing rather suggestive behavior in the balloon's passenger basket.  You can read the account here,and draw your own conclusions.  Thanks to Jennifer Ouellette for the link in one of her Google+ posts.

I don't want to disparage the Wiki entry ~ it includes sections on popularly known incidents of people attempting to have sex on planes, the legalities involved, and a list of references documenting the information.  Wikipedia remains a useful starting point in any research.

Note ~ modern sex in flight isn't confined to airliner rest rooms.  The commercial Airbus A380 has first class cabins which feature beds, though the cabins are not soundproof.  And some enterprising individuals and companies offer special Mile-High charter flights, in aircraft large and small (see images above and below, click to enlarge), presumably for a premium price.  

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