29 May 2012


It's time to clear my computer's desktop of an accumulation of links that piqued my interest ~ visuals, philosophical puzzles, and gee-whiz cullings from the Internet.  Ready?

Liquid Flowers ~ drop an object into a vessel containing multi-colored liquids, then capture the splash at its zenith using a high speed exposure.  No photoshopping, just astonishing skill an imagination by photographer Jack Long.  Example ~ see image above, click to enlarge.

20 Weird Beaches from Around the World ~ speaks for itself.

Abandoned Ships Stranded in the Desert ~ a miniscule symptom of the much broader ripples of consequence when humans start diverting rivers, draining wetlands, and cutting down forests.

Only Philosophers Go to Hell ~ "A just and loving god would not intentionally create a world with excessive misery, and yet we see the excesses all around us .... How could a just and loving god create [Hell,] a place of endless misery? .... There are two standard lines in defense of Hell.  The first is the retributivist line, and the second is the libertarian line. We think that if either succeeds, only philosophers could go to Hell."  Not being a theist, I don't have a dog in this fight, but it's an interesting exploration.

You Might Be an Atheist If .... ~ Philosopher and cognitive scientist Daniel Dennett takes a cue from Jeff Foxworthy's comedy shtick in his reality check on religion and faith.

Where in the World?  A Google Earth Puzzle ~ Think you can tell where a satellite view of a location might be on the planet?  18 images give you a chance to strut your geographic prowess.

Human Migrations Map ~ This is very cool.  Either choose a nation from the drop-down list, or simply place your cursor on a country and click.  You can learn what other nations are the sources of the most immigrants (with a numerical count), and what other nations are the destinations for those emigrating from your choice.  Many surprises lurk here.

iSideWith ~ answer a brief questionnaire, and when the results are tallied, this website lets you know which political candidate(s) are truly closest to your set of values.  It's an eye-opener.

Cougars 2, Wolves 0 ~ morbidity and mortality when these two predators come in conflict.  The tally is from the Bitterroot Valley, just south of Missoula, where I'm writing this. I would not have predicted these results, though after careful thought they make sense.  Cats run from dogs, right?  Wrong.

Navigator's Gag Amuses Plane-Spotters as Fighter Jet Races Through Snowdonia.  In the Royal Air Force they're called 'navigators', in the U.S. Air Force they're called 'weapons systems officers'.  Either way, a bit of irreverent humor helps lighten the tension of high-speed, ground-hugging training flights through an area in Wales called the Mach Loop.  Check out the text for more information.  And here is a video showing the action.  Most of the aircraft are RAF Tornadoes.

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