27 August 2012


Sights (and sounds) to intrigue, charm, or challenge your imagination.

Stick Insect's Impossible Birth ~ video, 2:56 minutes.  The birth of a stick insect had never before been filmed.

Underground Bicycle Messenger Racing ~ video, 2:10 minutes.  A preview of a longer production filmed around the world.  Races between bicycle messengers through traffic are dangerous, and in many places illegal.

Tuna Fishers' Underwater Camera Lures Curious Dolphins ~ video, 4:02 minutes.  Pacific white-sided dolphins, to be exact.  In my eyes, the most beautiful of dolphins (image above, click to enlarge).  I saw one in the wild during my summer in Alaska, riding the bow wave of the ship I worked on.

Tea Partier and Irish President Heated Interview ~ video, 4:21 minutes.  President Michael D. Higgins' laser observations are brilliant.  TP radio host Michael Graham, not so much.  Wisdom and experience leave ignorance and naivete in the dust.

Map:  Voter ID Laws by State ~ interactive map courtesy of Bill Moyers.  Click on any state of interest, and learn the following ~
  • when you can vote
  • where you can vote
  • registering to vote
  • voting early & by absentee ballot
  • identification requirements
  • if you have moved within your state
  • if you are in the military or are an overseas voter
  • if you have a felony conviction
  • election protection materials
Props to Bill for the first three links.  Enjoy.

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