06 September 2012


Well, I'd planned to content myself with just sharing yesterday's moving speech by Michelle Obama at the 2012 DNC.  But last night ... after U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren,  former President Jimmy Carter and several others delivered their addresses, former President Bill Clinton electrified the nation with a fire-breathing call to arms that had the audience crying out for more.  He did what so few Democrats have done ~ simultaneously shredded Republicans' behavior for the past twelve years, point by point, and staunchly defended President Barack Obama's record during his first term.

Clinton was in epic form.  He is justly famous for speaking at length and in detail, and for reaching out to every listener as if he were talking to him/her personally.  Last night's speech was Clinton at his best.  In the years since he's left office, Bill Clinton has remained deeply informed, deeply passionate, and deeply committed to the Democratic party's philosophy of inclusiveness, rather than divisiveness.  The distinction was clear just by looking at the racial and ethnic diversity in the DNC audience, and comparing that image to the nearly all-white audience at the 2012 RNC a week ago.

Clinton addressed every important issue facing the nation ~ the economy, jobs, women's reproductive rights, the wars we've fought, the peace we seek.  He named names, challenged lies, and reminded us of what we all have at stake, together.  He drew a line in the sand, and drew it with emphasis and drama, passion and humor.  For the first time in this long, mud-slinging election season, I'm actually looking forward to the remaining two months before election day.

Here is Clinton's stirring speech in its entirety, with a link to the transcript.  And here is a link to the same speech as broadcast on PBS.  I may watch the 50-minute address all over again, just for the joy of it.

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