05 September 2012


During this contentious campaign season, I've intentionally refrained from much commentary in this forum.  To me the issues are clear, and the choice between two very different candidates, equally clear.  I have my differences with Barack Obama (environmental policy for one), but he is far preferable to Mitt Romney, whose clueless, patrician view of the world would set us back a century and a half.

I want to set aside this moment to savor the class act that was Michelle Obama's address to the DNC last night.  She was brilliant.  Her message was inclusive and eloquent.  At no point did she take any shots at the Republican opposition, yet the contrast in delivery and content was undeniable. She paid tribute more than once to members of the military and their families, and expressed her support for all those who struggle to remain enfranchised ~ Latinos, blacks, LGBTs, the working middle class, women.  Michelle's genuine devotion to her daughters and to her husband shone through.  Above all, her call to return to values of inclusion and mutual support, holding the door open for those who follow, rang true to the ideals of the nation.

Don't take my word for it ~ here is Michelle Obama's speech as presented on PBS.  Watch and listen carefully, and judge for yourself.  Oh, and here is The New Yorker's summary and evaluation.

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