11 October 2012


Clinton, that is.  Say what you like about his private indiscretions, he left us with low unemployment, a budget surplus, and a healthy stock market.  That's like juggling chainsaws.  His charisma and sense of humor are sorely missed in today's political atmosphere.

Here he is in vintage style, simultaneously poking fun and raising serious questions about the last presidential debate ~ specifically, the sudden appearance of the old "Moderate Mitt" Romney, who has undergone more position and policy changes than a chameleon, as many presidential contenders do in order to appeal to the broadest portion of the electorate.

And here is a PBS Frontline special broadcast, "The Choice 2012".  The two-hour documentary traces the lives of contenders Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, interspersing their respective childhoods, education, life experiences, marriages, and growth in the world of politics.  It is an excellent production.  I learned things about both men which made them more fully dimensional, and explained the philosophical and moral influences which have guided them to the present day.  It is riveting material, and must-viewing for voters ~ especially those whose minds are already made up.

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