27 January 2013


International Holocaust Remembrance Day, 27 January, is an international memorial day for the victim of the Holocaust, the genocide that resulted in the annihilation of 6 million Jews, 2 million Gypsies (Roma and Sinti), 15,000 homosexual people, and millions of others by the Nazi regime and its collaborators, before and during World War II.  It was designated by the United Nations General Assembly on 1 November 2005.

27 January is the date in 1945 when the largest Nazi death camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, was liberated by Soviet troops.

To those who see little relevance of this history to the present, bear in mind that the horrors of the Holocaust happened only 70 years ago ~ during my parents' youth.  At least 36 attempts at genocide have been perpetrated since World War II.  The past is prelude to the present, unless we instill in every new generation both the knowledge of what happened, and the determination to never allow such abomination to recur.

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