26 January 2013


Here are several websites at which to pass some pleasant weekend time.

  • Online jigsaw puzzles ~ interactive, with varying levels of ease or difficulty, and a wide array of visual themes.  (example above)
  • Surfing the galaxy ~ a composite image made up of over 1200 photos taken of the night sky.  You can pan, zoom, or warp to your heart's content among the tens of millions of stars in the image (a tiny portion of the hundreds of billions of stars in our Milky Way.  For a shortcut to the Milky Way Center Regional Mosaic, click here.
  • Earth in metamorphosis ~ a 5 minute video montage of images taken from orbit, of the changes our garden planet has endured as human numbers have skyrocketed. 
  • Does the universe have a purpose? ~ a 2:35 video in which astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson responds, with humor and insight.
  • Flashmob Carmina Burana ~ a 4:12 video of one of the finest flashmob events ever orchestrated ~ which is saying something.  I only wish they had performed the entirety of Carmina Burana, but perhaps this intro will lure viewers to an orchestral concert.
  • Baby animals ~ admit it, this is the one you've been waiting for.  "Awww" photos of a wee pig, giraffe, chameleon, elephant, alligator, duck, deer, hedgehog, cat, dolphin, sloth, panda, seal, puffer fish, rabbit, mouse, skunk, hippo, octopus, penguin.

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