16 February 2013


Here are a few interesting interactive maps to play with ~

  • Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks ~ a map of income and rent in every neighborhood in every city in America.  It would be interesting to have an overlay indicating race, to show the connection between race and poverty.
  • Minimum Wage ~ how many minimum wage hours does it take to afford a two-bedroom apartment in your state?
  • Electoral College Reform ~ a rather wild redrawing of state lines, yielding 50 states with equal population.  Some of the new state names are colorful, and a few would be controversial to residents.
  • Mass School Shootings Since 1996 ~ 31 in the United States, 14 in the rest of the world combined.
  • Gigagalaxy Zoom ~ discovering our Milky Way, and how tiny we really are.
  • Climate Change Is Simple ~ a 15 minuted educational video.
  • How Connected Is Your Community? ~ Internet connected, that is.  High speed internet access, to be more specific.  With broadband available to only 68.2 percent of American households, we rank 15th internationally.  There are links to the National Broadband Map (see sample above), and to the FCC's Quality Test where you can learn your own computer's connection speed.  (Imagine the quantum leap forward if President Obama's proposal to establish free wireless access to the entire nation becomes reality.  Here too, we lag behind other nations.)
  • Finally, just for fun, 19 People Who Are Having a Way Worse Day Than You.  Each is a looping video lasting a few seconds.

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