13 February 2013


On this day in 2008, I posted my first entry on this blog.  My early entries laid a foundation, explaining the genesis of the name Predator Haven and my choice of Rys as a nom de plume.  Gradually, as I found my sea legs, I began to research, summarize, and comment on issues in social justice, the environment, the arts, science, aviation, literature, cinema, humor, politics, sexuality, and dozens of other realms of interest.

In December of that founding year, work-related injuries forced me to remain home, and ultimately to retire.  The annual totals of posts reflect this ~

  • 2008 ~ 105 entries
  • 2009 ~ 362 entries
  • 2010 ~ 340 entries
  • 2011 ~ 341 entries
  • 2012 ~ 355 entries
  • 2013 ~  54 entries (so far)
As of this writing, I've received 590,830 page views from readers in 207 nations and territories.

My gratitude to everyone who explores this column.  Enjoy and spread the word.  I encourage all readers to respond with your views by clicking on "comments" at the bottom of whichever posts you find evocative.  All comments are published, with the exception of those which indulge in profanity or verbal abuse.  This is a forum for civil discourse, for respectful debate, and for fun.

I also encourage you to become a follower of the blog ~ you'll find a prompt on how to do this in the right-hand column.  Your registering here is held in confidence, and you'll receive each new entry in your e-mail.  You can opt out at any time.

And now onward into the next five years!

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