07 May 2008


it happens that for the past year, i've been searching for a new relationship in my life, several years after the last one ended. being adaptable, i've explored a number of connections with potential partners through online services like match.com and eharmony. most profiles are eliminated immediately for one reason or another. a few develop to the email and phone call stage. even fewer filter down to actually meeting, then meeting again. of those, two women have become good and caring friends, and another has great potential as a life partner (be still, my heart).

during the process, there've been a few comedies of error, and a few catastrophes. i've learned much, about others and about myself.

through it all, one of my guideposts for understanding and evaluating each new person has been a favorite poem, written by a woman named oriah mountain dreamer. the poem is called The Invitation -- you can savor it for yourself by clicking on this link -- http://www.oriahmountaindreamer.com/ . she has a wonderful vision on relationships, one that i return to when i need nourishment or the reminder of what's essential in this life. enjoy.

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  1. thanks for sharing this poem. I value what she says.