02 May 2008


one of my favorite writers, morgan llywelyn, has written the fifth and final installment in her series of novels on the irish people's struggle for independence through the tumultuous course of the twentieth century. the ongoing story is told through the lives of generations of one family, beginning with the events leading up to the Easter Rebellion in 1916, followed by the Civil War in 1921, the founding of the Irish Republic in 1949, and the horrors of Bloody Sunday in 1972. (each of the stated years is the actual title of a novel in the series.) 1999 continues the chain of events to the disarmament talks and beginnings of reconciliation among the irish at the end of the twentieth century, as ireland has joined europe and prospered.

llywelyn's story telling is magical -- whether rooted in modern times, or in irish myth and ancient history (see Brian Boru, Finn Mac Cool, Grania, Lion of Ireland, The Red Branch, etc.). her characters are both recognizable and larger than life, flawed and heroic. her characters' voices and speech are a fresh sea breeze of celtic lilt and lore. she is, in short, a national treasure.

up the british!

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