09 May 2008


here's a game i made up about ten years ago. we all know that a kazillion songs, movies and books have been written about love, with a significant portion having the word "love" in the title. i wondered what would happen if one substituted the word "lunch" for "love". i can't find my list of morphed titles from that time, which ran to several hundred entries. but i'll bet you can come up with several dozen on your own -- if so, please feel free to share them by clicking on the comments link below.

here are a few samples to start the mental wheels spinning:

muskrat lunch
and i lunch you
all you need is lunch
lunch in the afternoon
strange lunch
sea of lunch
lunch with the proper stranger
she lunches you (yeah yeah yeah)
lunch among the ruins
to sir with lunch
lost in lunch
feel the lunch
lunch me tender
in lunch with you
for your lunch
young lunch
all my lunch

you get the idea. have fun!


  1. lunch is a many splendored thing

  2. lunch is a many splendored thing (unless you don't eat lunch)