30 April 2008


much has been made in recent days over whether wearing an american flag lapel pin equates with patriotism -- and by extension, whether those who do not wear them, in particular those running for office, may be somehow deficient in feelings for mother country.

i don't happen to be among those whose constricted lives need a constant reminder of which country i live in, any more than i need the annoying insistent thump of drums in a song to remind me of my heartbeat. there are no flags on my clothing, my vehicle, or flying from a pole in my yard. the symbol is not the reality. why is that such a confusing issue? you can burn a thousand american flags, yet the republic endures. you can engage in healthy, vigorous debate over a particular administration's policies, yet the ship of state sails on (probably stronger for having been questioned).

it seems to me that it is incumbent upon each of us to experience as much of the world's diversity as we possibly can during our lives -- and having done so, we will be confident in our own identities as well as respectful toward the identities of others. at this point in our evolution as a species, there is simply not room for all this drama, antagonism, avarice and insecurity. on all sides. there are more important issues at stake, like saving what remains of the garden planet that our grandchildren will inherit.

besides, how many of those flag pins have "made in china" inscribed on the back?

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