12 April 2008


if you are into motorcycles, and also were around for 69-70 tv, you may remember a show called "then came bronson", with michael parks. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Then_Came_Bronson at the time, the notion of becoming a nomadic loner on a motorcycle was greatly appealing to me. these days i haven't lost the lust for bikes, but would be more inclined to want to travel with a few companions, as in robert persig's book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, or as in an article in today's Missoulian about several bikers who trekked through canada to alaska. alaska!!

i know i risk incurring the wrath of all you flag-waving harley fanatics out there, but my choice for a touring bike wouldn't be a sportster, sorry. it would probably be a bmw k 1200 lt http://www.bmwmotorcycles.com/bikes/bike.jsp?b=k1200lt , or possibly a honda gold wing http://powersports.honda.com/Motorcycles/Touring_Sport_Touring/model.asp?ModelName=Gold%20Wing%20Audio/Comfort/Navi/ABS&ModelYear=2008&ModelId=GL18HPNA8&w=829&h=634 . each is a lot of bike, and for a fraction of the asking price, i could get my long-coveted private pilot's license AND put down a down payment on one of my dream planes, a DA40 diamond star http://www.diamondair.com/ . it's the story of my life -- expensive fantasies. motorcycles, flying, scuba, travel, and now thanks to someone who definitely wants to corrupt me, skiing. what's a poor boy to do? get rich, i guess.

which prompts me to announce the native son memorial fantasy fund. all donations will be acknowledged with a hand-written letter of thanks (making it illegible, but still a collectible). donations above $500,000 will also receive a free flight to the destination of your choice, piloted by moi. any risk-takers out there? no?

ah well, back to the drawing board. don't believe in the lottey's odds, am too old and sweet to rob a bank. hmm.

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  1. We just spent the day with thousands of Harley riders; they come here (have for 26 years); about 55,000 - Laughlin, Nevada.

    All week long they 'ride' - it's a great sound; did that when I was a teen-ager and young mother.

    Enjoyed your write-up and your thoughts; I like the MERC - you can see it in most Harley pamphlets.