10 April 2008


once again, in my never-ending quest to explore waters beyond my depth, i managed to create a computer glitch which required spending well over an hour on the phone with two different tech support units to fix. when will i learn to ask questions first before experimenting?

i began to fool around with settings for my non-existent LAN (local area network), which somehow reset the configurations for accessing internet websites as well as downloading email from my ISP. after floundering around a bit, i swallowed my pride and called tech support. i'm actually quite proud of myself for maintaining my cool, first with a voice-recognition menu, then with someone at a call center in asia whose accent and script and rapid delivery had me pleading over and over to please repeat the question, the instruction, the explanation.

it turned out to be a simple fix (as i suspected it would), and a lesson painfully relearned: don't screw around with stuff unless you're fairly certain you know what the ripples of consequence will be. on the other hand, if i were always that cautious, i wouldn't have had half as much fun as i've had in life. so what's the answer? take baby steps? never learn to fly? naw.

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