19 April 2008


april 19th, and it snowed today in missoula. i wonder whether global warming, global dimming, el nino, la nina, or politicians' hot air is responsible? i feel like i'm in the poppy field in the Wizard of Oz. "unusual weather we're having, ain't it?" only, not so unusual for montana.

by contrast, as i write this, after 8 pm, it is 80 degrees F in tucson, where i lived for twenty years. see the UA webcam: http://www.cs.arizona.edu/camera/ definitely it's spring in south carolina, tennessee, pennsylvania, texas, georgia, washington, among the many places i've lived. (in my adult life i've moved well over thirty times.) of my residential states, the only other one where it's still cool is alaska.

what does a 500 lb. canary say as it walks down a dark alley?

(deep gravelly voice) "here, kitty, kitty."

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