01 April 2008


today's phone-in road report listed a number of oddities, including massive street closures due to construction, traffic delays caused by whiteout conditions and by ice floes damaging the bridges over the clark fork river, and some re-routing into the tunnel between missoula and butte. do ya think that someone might have been getting a little creative with the april fool mindset? that, or monday night at sean kelly's (a local irish pub) was particularly rousing. or both.

it's a bit shocking how easily people will swallow a rumor, embellish it, and pass it along. as a metaphor, try sitting in a circle with a group of people, in which one person whispers a phrase or sentence into the ear of whoever is seated to his/her left, and the process is repeated until it comes back to the original whisperer. the contorted end result can be hilarious.

and just so you can say you know, here is a link to a NYTimes article from today's emailing, explaining the purpose of pranks: http://www.nytimes.com:80/2008/04/01/health/01mind.html?ex=1207713600&en=f4bde962911eb645&ei=5070&emc=eta1

es todo, por ahora.

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