31 March 2008


a very eventful two weeks have kept me from this endeavor, but i'm back. ain'tcha glad?

winter is hanging on by its fingernails, but oddly, i don't mind. the beauty of all that white on the hills and mountains surrounding missoula reminds me to cultivate serenity, something that is often missing when i spend too much time inside my head. i want to relearn being in the moment. having a cat snoozing in my lap helps.

still, spring is just around the corner, i can feel it gathering. my absolute favorite season, whether in the southwestern desert, a southern swamp, the northeast with trees sporting 68 shades of green, or the temperate rain forest of the pacific northwest. birds migrating, trees and shrubs and cacti sporting floral finery, all sorts of creatures with new babies. what's not to love?

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