05 March 2008


in addition to all the birthdays i mentioned in a previous entry, there are a number of important anniversaries in march.

in 1968, after eight months' training in radio and radioteletype communications, i flew from fort ord, CA, via hawaii, guam and the philippines to vietnam. two weeks later i celebrated (?) my 21st birthday in country. i was older than the vast majority of the g.i.s whom i met there.

in 1969 i flew from vietnam via japan and alaska to fort ord, CA, where i was honorably discharged from the army. (note: because of crossing the international date line, during my flight, i left vietnam at 2300 hours on march 8, and arrived in california at 2300 hours on march 8. i nearly beat myself home!)

in 1977, on my 30th birthday, my son was born. a finer gift i've never received. i was the first adult in this world to hold him and gaze into his eyes, seeing within them the universe.

in 2004, two days after my birthday and after weeks of careful preparation, my life partner served me with a protection order, falsely alleging assorted malbehaviors on my part, and giving me 30 minutes to pack what i could into my truck and vacate our home. she was able to keep many of the belongings i'd accumulated over a lifetime -- artwork, tools, furniture, electronics, the list goes to three typewritten pages. it being conservative tennessee, and conservative america, her accusations went unquestioned by the court. i was robbed blind.

in 2007, i celebrated my birthday at home with my parents for the first time in over forty years.

i'm certain there are others i'm forgetting. no matter. the overlying, compelling feature of march is the coming of spring. new beginnings. new life.

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