12 March 2008


i want to take a moment to turn you on to a wonderful new blog that my chicago friend bill ( http://ciexinc.com/blogs/daily/ ) turned me onto. it is: http://sunsparksays.blogspot.com/ . this woman has a witty and penetrating intellect, and an ironic sense of humor -- necessary, one thinks, for a blog aimed at "liberal random thinkers", who, after all, have to put up with the vagaries of conservative random thinkers every day. yes, that's right, all you reactionaries out there, that was a shot across the bows. but i'm too tired to really mix it up with you tonight. lucky for you (he said, safe in the cloak of his anonymity).

actually i get along well with folks from every persuasion, as long as they can argue about something and still remain friends. it's the ones who take themselves too seriously who tend to find me annoying. their loss.

and somewhere in texas, a village is missing its idiot . . . .

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